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Sexy, Single, Struggling, Mom Needs You!!!  

Cyberbegging Mom offers Hep C Info, encourages YOU to get tested for Hepatitis C AND ...

Become an ORGAN DONOR!

 Cyberbegging Mom - Hepititis C

Hepatitis C Links & Support


If you think you may be at risk for Hepatitis C -- I NEED YOU to please ask your Doctor to test you for it!  It's a simple blood-test that could save your life!

Hepatitis C is 5 times more prevalent in the U.S. than AIDS!!!

Hi!  My name is Robin and I'd like you to read my story and seriously consider having yourself tested for Hepatitis C!  

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C about 10 months ago!  I had it in my body for over 17 years WITHOUT KNOWING (and have had many physicals and blood tests throughout the years)!  As I was a single struggling mom,  I initially developed this Cyberbegging site with the purpose of seeking donations to help me pay for the many medications needed to help me combat Hepatitis C.  Hep C is called "The Silent Killer" because most people do not know they have it until it's too late!  (I found out quite by accident!)  The end result of Hepatitis C is liver failure, liver cancer and/or death (not to be a "Drama Queen" but that is the end result!)  I was hoping that people, much like myself, believed in the concept of "Paying it forward" as a way of helping others!  (I through the word "sexy" into the domain name to increase the visibility of my site via "search engines" and it has!)  See my "story" below...

I was also seeking donations to help get my Online Dating Book published (which I started writing and completed within 6 months of being diagnosed!)

On an ENCOURAGING NOTE, since creating this Cyber-Begging site, I have stepped out of the "Victim" stage and became empowered to help myself!  Since being diagnosed with Hepatitis C, I have been able to take (what most would consider to be) a  negative situation and turn it around it many positive ones.  (Wouldn't Oprah and Dr. Phil be proud?  *smiling*) 

In the past 10 months since being diagnosed with advanced Hepatitis C:

  1. I have written an Online Dating Book book about Cyber-Dating, THE CYBER-DATING GURU'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING (www.Cyber-DatingGuru.com) – an idea I had for over 5 years but could never muster up the ability to follow through on.

  2. I've learned how to create and build websites and...

  3. My most recent project is one I am very excited about.  It is a Dating Website for Single Adults living with Hepatitis C (such as I) called  www.HepCMatch.com .  By creating this website I will be able to help many thousands of single people with Hep C who are lonely and looking - find their potential mates (or just dates) online.  There is still so much stigma attached to this virus.  It's tough enough to meet someone and have a healthy relationship in today's world.  Once a diagnosis like Hep C is thrown into the picture, it's that much more difficult.  This, I know, firsthand!  -- I'm a 46 year old single mom -- never married -- of a 17 year old son!  If you or anyone you know is a Hepatitis C Single, please visit www.HepCDating.com for more information about the site!  

I have totally turned my life around (I had to leave my job because of the side effects of the meds - which ended up being a blessing because I was grossly underpaid, overstressed and sincerely unhappy); I am now pursuing my Hepatitis-C Singles Online Dating Site full-time with the help of some financial partners who really BELIEVE in this new endeavor of mine.  Hepatitis C, in a strange way, has ended up being almost a "gift" in my life (I even got a PUPPY!)  

Robin with Bonsai (May, 2003)

Since being diagnosed, I have also become much more involved with the Hepatitis C cause, in general.  I tell almost EVERYONE I meet that I have Hepatitis C.  I am a HUGE advocate of people becoming tested (I had the virus for 17 years without knowing and I found out only by ACCIDENT!)  Most people are clueless about this disease and how it is transmitted (it can even be transmitted by something as seemingly harmless as a visit to a nail salon!)  There is NOT enough information about Hepatitis C being made available to the public, at large!   People need to be informed!  I have become involved with Hepatitis C Organizations and Liver walks and have collected and donated money to such organizations.  (I guess this was meant to be my new calling in life!)

I am NO LONGER asking people for donations to help me!  Since becoming diagnosed with Hep C, I have become very focused in my life.  Starting this Cyber-Begging Site inspired me to learn and do many positive things!   I NOW only ask that people who think they may be at risk for this virus ask their Doctor to test them for this virus - it's a simple blood test that could save MANY lives!


Throughout the years, I have had many standard physicals where the Doctors took my blood for routine blood tests -- as done with most physicals; the results of my blood-work showed that my liver enzymes were elevated.  Not ONE Doctor thought to test me for Hepatitis C until ten months ago!   In fact, a few years ago, I almost got on the Show, SURVIVOR - in the Australian Outback and spent many hours getting physical (and mental) examinations!  Again, although my blood-work showed my liver enzymes to be high, I was NEVER TESTED for Hepatitis C!  It's absolutely ludicrous!  (Another point being - if I had been diagnosed in earlier years, my liver disease would not have progressed to the sorry state my liver is now in! -- Not that I am resentful about this - I do believe everything happens for a reason!)  Not only does the General Public need to become educated about Hepatitis C, all Physicians and General Practitioners need to be more consciences of this rapidly spreading virus!   The Hepatitis C test should be routine for anyone whose blood-work comes back with even slightly elevated liver enzymes -or- for anyone with any risk-factors for the disease!)

I also try to get the message across as much as possible about people becoming ORGAN DONORS!  "DON'T TAKE YOUR ORGANS TO HEAVEN...HEAVEN KNOWS WE NEED THEM HERE ON EARTH!"  (Just the other day at Breakfast, I convinced a friend to donate her organs and sign the back of her Driver's License - it's THAT simple - that's all it takes!)

 Way too many people are still very ignorant and uninformed about Hepatitis C!  The public needs to be educated; Hepatitis C is 4 times more prevalent than AIDS and although there are currently OVER 4,000,000 worldwide - within 10-12 years, that number will increase to over 10.8 million!  (Those numbers are current government statistics but I believe these numbers are MUCH higher - even, if only based on how many people I have recently come to know who have Hepatitis C!  It's a HUGE EPIDEMIC!  5 times more people have Hepatitis C than those who have the HIV Virus!)

Thank you!


P.S. I have currently put on hold, the idea of trying to get my ONLINE DATING BOOK, THE CYBER-DATING GURU'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING  published (although any who have read it, LOVED IT!)  It is, however, currently available as an E-Book to download and read NOW!  Please check it out!  It really COULD change your life!  (I have many success stories of people I have helped to get "hooked-up" online!  F.Y.I. My local bookstore does stock the book on their shelves, in my own published version as a "Printed Manual!"  So yes, I am officially, a "Selling Author!")  : )

P.P.S  Through the creating and posting of this Cyberbegging site, I have met many, many helpful and wonderful people -- People who have helped me in endless ways (above and beyond financial ways!)  I am truly blessed and grateful for the dear friends I have met and become very close with, just from creating this website!  One day, I hope to meet them ALL in person!  



My new ONLINE DATING BOOK, THE CYBER-DATING GURU'S GUIDE to ONLINE DATING!  is  NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE an E-BOOK to DOWNLOAD & READ NOW!   It is a HILARIOUS, ENTERTAINING and ESSENTIAL TOOL for anyone pursuing or interested in online dating!   (At www.cyberdatingguru.com you will find an outline, as well as sample chapters and free book excerpts!)   STAY TUNED & PASS THE WORD - "CYBER-DATING GURU!!!"    NOTE:  I have received OVER 5,000 RESPONSES to my online-dating ads (since 1998) -- YOU CAN TOO!   It could change your life!


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Online Dating Book - Dating Advice

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The Cyber-Dating Guru's Guide to Online-Dating!

My name is Robin and this is my story...             

Hepatitis C Information

I am a struggling, 45-year old, single mom of my 17 year old son, "Barney". (NO!  That is not my son's name!  That would be grounds for child abuse! -- Apologies extended to the "Barney's" of the world! - My son has a beautiful name but for his anonymity, he will be known to the Internet world as "Barney"!)  I raised Barney entirely on my own. Yep, I’m one of the last holdouts - never married, but not for lack of opportunities!  I am, what I refer to as, "Relationship Challenged" (Yes, I AM the "CYBER-DATING GURU" but NOT the "RELATIONSHIP GURU" -- more about that later!)  We live on the south shore of Long Island, in a town we have lived since Barney was 2 years old!  

WHY I AM HURTING SO BAD???  I work in the Garment Center in Manhattan as an office manager and assistant to the president of the company.  (I have been at my position for over 5 years.)  Within the past few years, my employer cut our salaries across the board twice.  Not only have I not had a raise in over 4 years, I've had a 20% cut in pay while my rent and bills were ever increasing.  

About 9 months ago I decided I needed to take on a 2nd, part-time gig to earn extra income as I was becoming deep in debt and could not pay my bills or rent on time.  I went back to school where I became certified as a Personal Trainer.  At the time I completed the course (where I received not one, but two Certifications - A.C.E. and E.C.I.T.S.), I found out after a routine physical that my liver enzymes were high.  My Doctor later did further tests and informed me I have Hepatitis C!

Needless to say, this, temporarily, turned my world upside-down!  How did I get this you ask?  Hepatitis C is passed via blood-to-blood transmission.  In 1985, after a long and difficult childbirth, I received 2 blood transfusions.  (Hospitals did not test blood for Hep C until 1992.)  This is how I believe I contracted this disease.  This means I have had this virus for over 17 years without knowing about it!  

I finally succumbed to the idea of a Liver Biopsy (the procedure itself is actually far less than the anxiety I worked myself up to, prior to the procedure!)  The biopsy indicated I had significant damage and scaring to my liver --  I am not yet in Cirrhosis but am in the stage immediately before it - Stage 3, Grade 3 - advanced Fibrosis.  My Doctor informed me that if I can't reverse my liver damage back to Stage 2, I can expect to be in liver failure within 10 years!

In early October, I started taking weekly Interferon Injections (which I will have to continue to inject to myself for a an undetermined period of time) as well as taking pills called Ribovirin.  Interferon is a medication they give to Cancer and Aids patients.  It is a form of "Chemo" and the side effects can be extremely debilitating.  In fact, several months ago I had to give up the Ribovirin pills because, as I explained to my Doctor, "at this point in time I have to SHOW UP for life in a BIG WAY!"  "I can't just kick-back and expect someone to take care of me and pay my bills!  The weekly injections do not work as well without the pills (hence the name "The Combo Treatment").  My Doctor explained that my body seemed to be responding to the treatment but for now, until my financial situation changes, I had to cut back.  

It became very difficult to show up for ONE job so the personal training gig was no longer an option.  NOTE:  I have always worked (since the age of 14) and since Barney was born, have often worked at 2 jobs concurrently!  


I am trying to change my financial situation and quality of life so that I can rigorously get back on track with my medical treatment!  I need to try reverse my liver damage BEFORE I am in Cirrhosis and it is too late to do anything, other than wait for a liver transplant (If I can get one!)  There are two ways I am hoping to do this:

  1. By marketing and creating a hugely successful online dating site for Hepatitis C Singles.
  2. By selling my Online Dating Book called, THE CYBER-DATING GURU'S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING.  I have received ONLY rave reviews by those who have read the book!  It is "Hilarious" and "Informative" and really could change your life!


  1. By virtue of this Cyber-Begging / E-Panhandling Website, I will be crusading and building public awareness for Hepatitis C.  This disease is currently killing 10,000 people a year – over 4 million Americans have it (and that’s who know about it!!!)  This disease is called, “The Silent Killer” because most people don't know they have it - there are no physical symptoms -- until it's too late!  If you think you are at risk for this virus, PLEASE get tested!  It's a very simple blood test!  (In fact, I believe everyone should get tested - Hepatitis C should become a ROUTINE BLOOD TEST!  
  2. I am also hoping to encourage people to become ORGAN DONORS and to sign the back of their Driver's Licenses or to fill out Organ Donor Cards and carry them with them in their wallets.  At the very least, if you decide you'd like to be an Organ Donor, please make your wishes known to your families!  "Don't take your Organs to Heaven...Heaven knows we need them on Earth!"

Why do I use the word “Sexy” in my ad?

Hepatitis C




(Pic taken at a friend's home August, 2001)

I needed to throw something into my website that would be eye-catching and attention grabbing (and let's face it, "Sex" sells!  -- You don't have to be a "Marketing Maniac" to figure that one out!  Yes, I have been told I am a sexy woman but let me clarify in simple terms what I consider to be sexy…Sexy is not about beauty or looks.  Sexy is an attitude!  It’s about sense of humor, confidence and sense of self, warmth and compassion, and of course…good posture and a great smile are key!  : )  It’s about "THE WHOLE PACKAGE!!!" 

More about Barney:

Barney is the greatest!  (I know, I know...I'm his mom and I'm supposed to say that but read on....)  He’s smart, funny, athletic, talented and a really, really nice person!  He enjoys golfing, snowboarding and SURFING!   He’s on the golf team and has won medals for the swim team at school!  He works very hard caddying at a country club in the summer and off-season buses tables at a restaurant after school, into the night hours.  Everybody loves this kid!  To my testament, I am constantly being told what a great job I did raising him!  

Lots of other useful Information...

In my website you will find lots of interesting and useful information including Hepatitis C information & links as well as FREE ONLINE DATING ADVICE & TIPS.  Remember, I am "The Professional, Pioneer and Innovator" in Online Dating!   Many people I have convinced and helped to write online dating ads are now hooked up!  One woman is even married with a baby!   I might be "relationship challenged" myself, but I have the BEST and MOST ORIGINAL ONLINE DATING ADVICE, ever!   One of my dating tips is, NEVER, and I mean NEVER, do dinner on a first date (which I call, “a first encounter!")  I recommend doing (what I call) a "drive-by!"  Get in and GET OUT!!!  After all, doesn’t it just boil down to the chemistry in the end?  

So.....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!! So.....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!! 

I hope I've touched your life in some way... (even if it was to make you smile and laugh at my whacked-out sense of humor).  Or just maybe... you simply liked one of my "Fun Links,"  "Recipes" or "Online Dating Tips or Advice"...or... perhaps I've inspired you with one of my "Favorite Quotes."

AGAIN, I REPEAT...I am NO LONGER requesting for people to help me with their donations!  I now ONLY ASK that people PLEASE get themselves tested for the Hepatitis C Virus AND....To PLEASE become ORGAN DONORS!!!   (All it takes is signing the back of your Driver's License!)  

OF COURSE, please feel free to buy and download my GREAT ONLINE DATING BOOK!  ; )

In closing, I'd like to share a few of my favorite quotes....

Favorite Quotes

"Life is NOT a dress rehearsal!"  

"If God brings you to it, he'll bring you through it!" 

"It’s the joy of the journey and not the destination!"

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why they call it, “The Present". 

"Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live like its heaven on earth!"

"Don't bring your Organs to Heaven...Heaven knows we need them here on Earth!" 

*For more great quotes see "COOL QUOTES!"




 "Dance like no one is watching... Love like you've never been hurt... Sing like no one is listening... and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!"