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 E-mails Received


In a message dated 10/31/02 6:09:44 AM Eastern Standard Time,   writes: 

Subj: You seem interesting

and very nice looking too! Are you as good as you seem?

PS. I find it hard to believe you haven't got some 'sugar daddy' taking care of things for you (smile).
Gerry Mack

Response from Robin: Thanks for the compliments.  And yes, I do believe I'm all that and more but curious....where did you read about me?
P.S.  As far as the Sugar Daddy scenario, I've had ample opportunities but just was never able to sell out for the dough. Always held out for the passion.  What can I say, "Smart women, foolish choices"!  LOL!

In a message dated 11/6/2002 2:53:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

Subj: RE: Thanks for being the nice lady you are... > I find you and your web page very likable and appreciate your listing me. I believe web pages are about the people who create them and with that I say yours is cool.

> > Gerry Mack / www.gerrymack.com


In a message dated Tue, 5 Nov 2002 11:36:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX  writes:

Subj: Sorry Robin   

> No sympathy here.... call your Dad,, I'm sure he would be mortified to see this site!
> Single Mom for 17 years... with no begging and health 
> problems, and no well to do parents....
> Randie 

Response from Robin: How fortunate for you that YOU have no health problems! (I hope it stays that way for you!) Up until a few short months ago, I thought I was the epitome of health! In any case, I thank you for  your compassion!  (B.t.w...that compassion of yours - now that's a very, sexy quality you have there! How are your teeth and posture? You must be the "whole package!"  You go girl!)

Here's to the single mothers of the world!


In a message dated Wed, 6 Nov 2002 1:58:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Subj: Sorry Robin   

> Robin~
> You didn't read it correctly... I said I HAD health problems... cancer of the uterus,,, removed.. and then divorced NO HEALTH INSURANCE while I raised my kids..for 17 years alone... Teeth are ok... I stand tall! and Yes,, I'm sexy too! ;)
> Sorry,,, still can't send money to you... I did send Penny 2 bucks!
> ~Randie

> ps... I also didn't have a DAd to call..... he died, as 
> well as my mother when I was 4! 
> I also lost a sister named Robin... she was 7, I was 14. 

Response from Robin: Sorry Randie but YOU didn't write it correctly! If you had read MY website correctly, you would note that I've had NO relationship with my father for 17 years now! I've always done the best I can with what I had, and then some. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles and your past health problems and I'm really happy to hear you overcame them. Good for you! So you know what it's like and you can empathize with me. I see you're divorced so at one point, there was a man helping you (or maybe not!). I don't know your story (and if I did, who am I to judge?) And, even though mine is published on the web, you don't really know mine. It does seem like you have a beautiful bike there, however...and THAT is my ultimate dream...once I get beyond my immediate health and financial issues...to own my own Harley. Maybe my website should have read www.helpmebuyaharley.com !??? <g> Smile Randie!

We all have our crosses to bear and as I said, far worse things happen to far greater people than me (and I mean that with all my heart!) The last I heard, it was a free country and Karyn (of www.savekaryn.com) ran up HUGE credit card bills in excess of $20,000, (just from shopping at Bloomingdales) and received almost that amount in 3 months from HER website). Penny (of www.helpemeleavemyhusband.com) received some dough too! I figure, why not me? My case is just as good, if not better than both of theirs. And no matter what, it is really therapeutic for me to write and create this website.  Hopefully it will be for others to read it! Did you happen to look at all the cool stuff on Robin's Online Dating Tips page? There's great info and links for people suffering from Hep C too! (I even give out free tips and links on how to build a website, for those interested!) see my Journal - Tuesday, November 5th!

So Randie, thanks for writing and clearing up your situation. And again, hat's off to all the single mothers of the world!

I posted our communications on my website (minus your email address and your link to your web-page!) And b.t.w....YES, you are a very, sexy woman! Like I said before, YOU GO GIRL!

In a message dated 11/6/02 5:04:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Subj: Sorry Robin 

OK... damn it,,, send me your address I'll send you a couple of bucks too. Although I could use my own website to beg, but hey... I just can't go there! I guess my attitude needs an adjustment, but I just thought you had the silver spoon treatment growing up, and well ....... life has been (lonely) a struggle for me. And now the thing I'm most proud of doing "raising two wonderful kids" as a single parent I'm worried sick about them and nowhere near a position of helping them as I thought I would be. My son is a Recon Marine......2 years left (yes with a war pending) good thing "I'm blonde by choice" I'm sure my hair is white from worry! And, my daughter is struggling with health issues no health insurance and she just relocated as I did. Starting over at 50 (feelin 30) SUCKS! But I do like the "pay it forward" motto. I do good deeds all the time... so bingo one of these days it will be returned tenfold... until then I'll just keep on doing...
ps.... Money is only a convenience,,,,,,
There is only one happiness in life.... to love and be loved!

pss.....Sorry about your estrangement from your Dad... I get it!†

psss........... Good Luck Robin.........I didn't mean to come off as a bitch, I have just been keeping up with Penny's site and saw your web site

Response from Robin: Randie, I think the "Pay it forward" system is really something people like you and I have been living our lives by. Meaning, to live by the "Golden Rule" and treat people the way you would like to be treated! (What goes around, does come around!)

I'm so sorry your daughter is having health issues as well. And I totally understand your fear with your son in the Marines. My son is thinking of joining the service when he graduates H.S. (he's concerned because of the lack of funds for college) and it has me freaked out (especially because of the precarious state of the world, as it now stands - and unfortunately, it's sure to get much worse before it gets better!) He's my only child! It's always been just the two of us and the prospect of it has me worried sick! (I can't even go there!) If anything, I'm hoping if he sticks to his decision, that it will be the U.S. Coast Guard! (Fingers x'd!)

I know you are one to live in the positive so just hold on to the fact that you have these wonderful children and they are so fortunate to have such a strong, loving, giving Mom - and that's the best support you can give them! Although "Barney" and I have struggled financially for so long, that was one saving grace. The tremendous bond and love we share! And, it's also true what you say, "There is only one happiness in life.... to love and be loved!" Although I have yet to find that on a romantic level (you know - that "relationship challenged" thingy"), at least I have that profound love with my son!

Thanks for the good wishes and good luck to you as well! Here's my new favorite quote which I recently posted to my site (as well as that other "quote" you and I have in common - and I don't mean the one where we silently called each other, "a bitch!" LOL!...."If God leads you to it, he'll bring you through it!" Good one, right?††

Here's my P.O. Address but even if you can't spare the extra buck or two, I've really enjoyed our correspondence and I hope you enjoy my website as much as Penny's!

NEW YORK, NY 10018††

All the best to you and your children! (Please stay in touch and let me know how you and they are both doing!)
P.S. And YOU look AMAZING for 50!!! OUCH Mamasita!!! I thought I looked good at 45! <g>†

In a message dated Thu, 7 Nov 2002 1:05:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXX writes:
Subj: Sorry Robin   
> Robin~
> Please refer to subject line..... because I am sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't take the time to read your whole website prior to my snappy first remark :( I'm glad that you took the time to correspond with me so I can see the "real" person you are. Only a single Mom could truly understand the plight of trying to do the right thing raising a child alone. Even if you have a monetary contribution from the sperm donor/ex, it doesn't compare to the sacrifices you make or the fear you face each day hoping your doing the right thing...... and I don't know any perfect Mom's or Dad's. I have apologized many times to my children for my mistakes along the way. I have pulled the covers over my head in pure exhaustion and worry about bills, work, schedules, and life and cried myself to sleep. Somehow it worked out for me, and poof they were grown. I wish I could go back and take back all the times I had to say "no" to my children for things I couldn't afford, and like Barney their requests were minimal. But, the understanding they achieved from this far outweighs other kids I know that were handed everything. They have a great appreciation for anything that comes their way. Now when we talk about the "good ol days", it's filled with wonderful memories about the "little" things we did and how much it meant to them....I'm very blessed.
> After reading your whole website and your correspondence with me........ I like you Robin! :) I feel so bad about your health issue and this only compounds your everyday worry about raising Barney. I want you to have the best time with him in the few years you have left before he leaves home. :( The empty nest syndrome is hard! I don't know why single parents don't get any help along the way......... we even provide health insurance to convicted murderers in prison (our tax dollars)..... and yet your (and many others) are struggling to raise a contributing citizen? I can tell by your writings that your a wonderful sincere loving Mom.......I hope you get the financial help your seeking with your website, and again I'm sorry for my quick response.......I'll blame it on the Merlot ;)
> Your right about "sexy" coming from within at any age,,,, I can see it radiate from your smile... and to think about 6 years ago I watched Oprah and all these whinny women thought life was over at "30".... LOL I was doing cartwheels all day after that! Plastic surgery only masks the inner beauty that all women possess, but are afraid to project naturally! Your beautiful Robin (in & out), and I hope you find that special someone to appreciate that.
> I'll stayed tuned....
> Peace
> ~Randie /CA

> ps.........my contribution is in the mail today!

> pss.... That's not my Harley I'm pictured with but I can 
> ride one! < I hear you don't forget!

> psss....A heart that loves is always young. 
> >

Response from Robin:Thank you, thank you, thank you Randie! I truly feel I've made a new friend! The Internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it! AND, thank you for your contribution!!!
P.S. THAT's NOT YOUR HARLEY??!??  Maybe YOU should post the website: www.helpmebuyaharley.com!  

In a message dated 11/9/2002 6:06:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
> Subj: Notification of Payment Received 
> This email confirms that you have received a Payment
> for $5.00 from XXXX
> Message: Hey Robin
> Not much as I am totally cash broke too, but you have a spirit that we all wish for, and I respect you for it and will maybe learn from your site. I believe you are spiritual, and you can CLAIM things from God. You certainly are one he must be looking down on. Good luck in your quest.

In a message dated 11/30/02 12:07:32 PM Eastern Standard Time,  XXXX writes:

Hello Robin
I was really touched by your story, and you have such a great attitude. I have hep-c myself and I have been on several treatments over the last eight years, and as you know the side effects are no fun. I truly hope and pray for your cure. There are great results from this treatment and I know numerous people that have been cured. So do not give up, and please keep the humor and wonderful attitude alive. I also know what financial stress is I have made and lost a few small fortunes in my life, and things are not the best for me currently. However I do believe a helping hand begins at the end of your own arm, I would gladly help someone who is doing their part. After reading your story, identifying with your illness, and trusting that you are a hard worker, I would be glad to make you a donation. I would rather help a struggling working mother, than give someone help that would not work if you offered them a job. So I hope my $25.00 will be of use, it is not much, but I have blown alot more money on no cause at all. I hope you and Barney (cute name) have a Merry Xmas and that you reach your goal, and then most importantly pass it on. 

In a message dated 12/2/2002 3:37:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
> Subj: I loved your website, but I am sorry that I cannot provide muchhelp

> Hi there Robin,

> Let me start off by saying that you are just adorable, why couldnít you and I have met when I was single... You seem like a fun and vivacious person, and I love your sense of joie de vivre that permeates your site. I bet you are a lot of fun and you have a great attitude, which is extremely important when going through a serious illness).

> Secondly, though I really canít provide too much help to you, I am a person who empathizes with your pain and suffering... I had a bout of testicular cancer two years ago, and it was debilitating and expensive... I should put up my own site like yours, but Iím not too sure just yet if thatís something thatís for me. In any event, I do hope that your site pays off for you, because you seem to deserve it, and I hope that everything improves for you in the very near future.

> And in terms of the pain of your treatment, I understand the pain, having gone through three months of chemotherapy and a subsequent major operation that took about six months to recover, and I hope that through all of it you are keeping site of the goal of the treatment and not letting it get the better of you.

> I hope that I hear from you soon and I also hope that you get better as soon as possible!

> Best,

Subj: Re: I have a ? 
In a message dated 12/12/02 2:23:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

Why are you putting so much time into this web site? When you should be sewing the pants off of the hospital that gave you the disease in the first place! There has to be something that you can do to at least get them to pay for medical bills. This is the problem with society today GOOD PEOPLE are getting the shaft, While the hospital that gave you you disease that is slowly killing you is getting away with murder. You can't tell me that a smart Beautiful women like you couldn't charm a lawyer to take this case pro-bono and nail that hospital to the wall!!!! Good luck to you, Will check back later.

Response from Robin: Hmmm! Well, I really stink as a seamstress so I'm gonna pass on sewing pants in Hospitals for a living!

As far as "suing" the hospital where I received the blood transfusions, hospitals don't keep records after 10 years!!! - I already looked into this when I first became diagnosed! And even if that wasn't the case....have you ever gone up against an institution such as a Hospital in a legal battle? Not many lawyers would consider taking on such a case "pro bono" as you indicated! Besides all this, hospitals did not check for the Hep C Virus until after 1992 because they weren't aware of it, prior to that year. Think about just how many people were infected besides me! (There are 5 million of us in total, today - many of whom were infected via blood transfusions! Scary huh!???) If we all went after the hospitals, as you indicated, there wouldn't be many hospitals left standing today. 

I am working on different aspects of my life to try to generate some more income so as to improve the quality of our lives. For one, I am seriously considering a major career change! It's scary, especially with my health situation but I think I'm going to have to put myself further out on a ledge and take a chance! 

Thanks for writing and for your suggestions! 

Subj: Re: SO SEXY EH?!?!? 
In a message dated 12/12/02 3:03:12 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

Hey Sexy Robbin,

Well I guess you do have the face and bod to call yourself sexy. Tell you what want big donations, especially from me!!! Send me some naked pictures. Its for a good cause remember!!, so your a personal trainer, cool me to. I'm a PTS Certified Trainer, through a Canadian organization.

Write back, SEND PICS! : )


Response from Robin:  How about if I just send you some naked pictures of my diseased liver? How's THAT for a turn-on! Ooooh baby! I mean think about it!!! Have you ever, really looked at a liver close-up, while it is in advanced stages of Fibrosis? On 2nd thought - you may want to wait until I'm actually IN Cirrhosis, or... wait until after I go for my liver transplant....I hear the scar is a beauty!  I'll keep you in mind later on, as my disease progresses! 

In a message dated 12/12/02 3:22:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Hi Robin, 

As an overly-experienced websurfer, I just thought
that I would pass along my observation that I believe
you would be much more successful soliciting donations
if you played up the "sexy" in the "SexySingleMom"
concept just a little bit. 

What you offer upon arrival at your site is virtually
nothing resembling sexy and i feel that the average
surfer will feel a bit ripped off. I'm not advocating
or recommending anything pornographic, just something
titillating enough to make someone who clicked on your
link feel as though you delivered on your advertising.

Additionally, the poor-resoloution pics that you DO
have on your site hint at the existence of a very
attractive woman; is it possible that you do not
explore this marketable aspect of yourself out of a
"typical" lack of self confidence in your appearance
shared by many women?

Best Regards, 


Response from Robin:  Peter, I think the key words here would be "overly-experienced websurfer"! Dude, you have waaaay too much time on your hands!  Perhaps you should take up the actual and live sport of SURFING in the OCEAN! Barney could give you some great pointers! Or, perhaps you could follow what seems to be your calling here....a Psychoanalysis or Psychologist!!! I see you have me pegged, hands down, as a woman with TOTAL and TYPICAL lack of self-confidence, as shared by so many other you seem to come across! (*Shaking head*!!!!)  How many times a day, do you actually surf the web with the "key word", "sexy"?  You need to "STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN"  and your favorite activity of web-surfing and go get yourself SOME, Son!!!  That's IF you can find a woman with enough self-confidence to handle all the man that you seem to be!  (I think perhaps you may JUST BE another candidate for a pic of my "diseased liver"! Now THAT's SEXY!!!)  (*Shaking head,* once again!) 

In a message dated 12/12/02 8:50:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Subj:for you 

sent you $20 today via 1st class mail, Gary T. from NC

God bless :-)

Response from Robin:  Thank you VERY MUCH Gary!  YOU are THE MAN!  : )
God Bless you too!

Subj: Re: Your web site 
In a message dated Fri, 13 Dec 2002 11:36:24 AM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

Saw the page title while surfing-had to take a look. Of course, first thing I saw is what a nice looking woman you are-but as I read the rest of the site, I was moved by the situation you are in. I sent in $20. I know it's not a lot-but I hope it helps the cause.

By the way-you never did say why you are single (or did I miss it) I know I am being a shallow male-but you really are stunning. Just wondering why someone like you is still single?

In any case-best of luck to you. Have a great holiday.

Response from Robin: Thank you SO MUCH for your donation And for your generous compliments!!! 

As for me remaining single (even after all these years), I am what I refer to as "Relationship Challenged"! : ) (Please laugh with me, not at me! <g>) I actually do have some deep-rooted intimacy problems which will probably take several years of therapy to work through! In the meantime, I'm flying solo - especially now with the new medical "situation" at hand!
My health and my son come first. Who knows what my H.P. has in store for me later on!?!!!
Thank you again!
Wishing Peace and Good Will to you and all mankind!

In a message dated 12/20/02 6:51:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX  writes:

I heard you on WRIF this morning as I drove into work. I thought you were funny and the whole call was very entertaining. I feel for you as my brother has HCV, and I am struggling financially too after a harsh lay off. But my accountant has me on a strict budget and I should be back on track next year. Just thought I would drop you a line to say hi, good luck, and that from the pictures you show (I know Drew wanted more of you) I think you are HOT! 

Take care, 

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN: Thanks for writing and for all your compliments! I wasn't sure when the show interview was going to air (if at all) as they taped me. Glad to hear I was funny and that the interview was entertaining. 

Sorry to hear about your brother. Has he started treatment? I have a whole page dedicated to Hep C on my site. He should check it out! There's a TON of useful info. there and great links to Hep C sites.

Good luck with your financial situation! Money is not everything but is sure takes the load off!
Very best for the holidays!


Subj: RE: Hi Guys! Robin here! 
Date: 12/20/2002 8:10:18 AM Eastern Standard Time 

I heard the show was on this morning and was "funny and entertaining!" One of your listeners wrote me already and told me he thought I was "HOT!" LOL! Send me a transcript please!!!



To: <[email protected]

and thanks for calling us a lame howard stern....staff

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN:  HEY! I just went back and read my journal...I said "Tame", not "Lame"!  Lighten up Dudes!  Where's your sense of humor???

In a message dated 12/20/2002 11:33:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, Marty writes:
> Subj: WRIF Radio

Hi Robin,
I heard you this morning on WRIF radio in Detroit. I was inspired to visit your website. It sounds like you have a number of business ventures that will eventually allow you to be completely solvent.
My interest in writing was to compliment you on your personal drive, creativity, and agree with you. I also like long distance relationships. Relationships were you visit, enjoy one another, and then fly home!

You have a great smile, and from the sounds of things...have an equally attractive physique.
I hope you achieve your goal; however, I will not be 
willing to donate until I get to know you better.
The choice is yours.

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN: Hi Marty and thanks for writing!  Actually, if you read my book, you would see that I don't particularly recommend long distance relationships (especially in respect to online dating).   And as far as relationships in general go, that is the furthest thing from my mind today.  My energies must continue to stay focused on my health, my son and trying to improve the quality of our lives!  Dating and relationships are truly the furthest thing from my mind.  

You indicated you would not be willing to donate until you get to know me better...In what respect are we speaking here?  I think my website is rather detailed and descriptive as far as who I am and where I'm now at, at this particular point in my life!  I certainly did not develop this site with the hopes of finding "dates".  If you don't feel comfortable giving a donation without knowing me on a more personal level, then buy my E-Book, which will be available shortly.  Thanks & Peace!  R

In a message dated 12/20/02 3:55:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, Marty writes:

Hi Robin,

I'm flattered that you responded. I thought after this morning's show, you would be overwhelmed with e-mails. So, thanks for your time which I believe is priceless.

I like to flirt, and was taking a chance to hopefully "spark" a little interest. I may just have to consider your book. I've dated a number of women from match.com and matchmaker.com I've had positive experiences, but I believe I'm relationship-challenged as well!

I'm a giving person. I like to give my time, my opinion, my good-heartedness, and hopefully give another some happiness! I don't mind offering financial assistance, but in your case it might be nice to get to know you...then, I can justify a donation to your cause.

You sound like a very interesting person. As silly as it sounds, I felt a connection while listening to you this morning. What is that worth?

Thanks again for writing back. I'd love to hear from you again; however, if I don't...best to you.


RESPONSE FROM ROBIN:  Why don't just stop yankin' my chain and send a donation, Dude!  If not, BUY THE BOOK!

In a message dated 12/23/02 8:08:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

Good morning to you! I am not going to feed you any lines or cheesy one liners. Let me tell you who I am and if you are interested GREAT. If not, I hope the New Year brings you Happiness, Love and most importantly Good Health.

I am 29 yrs old; finishing a Masters Degree in Finance. I work in the 
Engineering field for an Automotive Company just outside of Detroit, MI. I am 5' 11" , 190 lbs. I live an active life. Love to go dancing (techno music), theatre , etc. I will forward you a picture if you are interested.



RESPONSE FROM ROBIN: If I "am interested" in WHAT? What exactly are you proposing to me here, Chris? You must have heard the radio show in Detroit as I see that is where you are from. Is that how you found my site? For some reason, did you come to the conclusion I posted my site because I am looking for DATES??? If so, I think you need to go back and read it again (unless, perhaps you never really, actually READ it, but just looked at my pic, thought I was attractive and wrote to me!) So what is it, Chris? Did you happen to notice that I am a Single, STRUGGLING MOM with Hepatitis C who also happens to be 45!!!???!!!  Why on earth, would a 29 year old guy who lives in Detroit, be interested in interesting ME!??? 

I would be interested in your sending a donation! That would be nice!  (Is THAT what you meant!?)  Other than that, have a Merry Christmas and Peace!


In a message dated 1/26/03 12:40:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

I'm sorry about your problems, but we all have them. 

I cannot figure out why you ask for financial help when one of the pics on the site shows some type of liquor bottle and an ashtray. I blew the pic up using PSP.

Anyone who has enough money for luxuries such as that.........should have enough money to pay their bills.

Please don't try to contact me with this email addy because I don't use it very often.

Take care.

You start out your emailing by telling me you're "sorry" and you end it by stating, "Take Care!"  But, in between you have the nerve to judge me because of a picture!!!  I was diagnosed with my disease 5 months ago.  Do you think I lived in a box prior to this?  Did you actually READ my website?  You have no idea of what my life is about now, or prior to my Dx!  You have NO IDEA what it's like to walk in my shoes!  You can use a serious lesson in compassion and you should put your time and energy into more positive things then writing judgmental letters to people you don't know!  (Most of the letters I've received have been very positive and supportive!  You are one of 2 exceptions!  You should think about that!!!)

P.S. The picture was taken 2 summers ago at my friend's home in the Hamptons!  Just because you see an ashtray and a bottle in the picture you assume it's mine!!!  (And you actually went through the trouble to blow the pics up!!!)   Even if they were mine, who are you to judge me?  You judge me for living a happy and full life prior to my Dx?  Even today, in spite of my situation, I still try to live a happy and full life and stay in the positive!  How dare you write me such a negative email and then tell me not to bother to write back because you don't read your email!  You have some serious soul searching to do!  And P.S....I don't SMOKE OR DRINK!  Get a life!!!

NOTE FROM ROBIN:  I have since gone back and inserted a caption under my pic on my home page: "pic taken at a friend's home" - to clarify the situation for idiots like this one!   Egads!

In a message dated 1/28/03 5:12:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

I saw your website on worstoftheweb.com.  So I was reading a little hear and there and even though I'm happily married, read the sample chapter from your book.  Oh my god!! Does it suck!  OK well, you can write.  That's a good thing!  But let me tell you, exclamation points can get very annoyning after a while!  Don't you think so??!!  And, how can you give dating advice when you said yourself that you're "Relationship Challanged".  I can see why the publishers are turning you down.  But who knows, someone might be stupid enough to actually buy the book if you ever get it self-published.

But good luck with your illness.  I'm not sending you money b/c I've worked for every penny I've earned and have my own college debts.  Oh by the way, tell Barney to start applying for loans now and getting those scholarships.

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN:  DUDE!!! It's DATING ADVICE! It's NOT RELATIONSHIP ADVICE!!!  It's about helping people go through the online dating process in a painless, fun and stress-free way!!!  And as far as my use exclamation points, everyone has their own style of writing!  Some people don't use any punctuation at all!!!  Either is perfectly acceptable. Different (key) strokes for different folks! That's what makes the world go round! 

But hey!  Thanks for the encouraging words, my friend!  Good to hear! 

Oh yes and speaking of the word "hear"...
"So I was reading a little hear and there and even though I'm happily married, read the sample chapter from your book."  I would hardly take advice about writing from someone who needs to go back to English 101!


NOTE FROM ROBIN:  In the following e-mail, the name was changed and details omitted to protect privacy.

Subj: your website 
Date: 2/3/2003 2:53:49 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From: XXXX

Hello Robyn,

My name is Anthony. I am 26 years old and I was diagnosed
today with Hepatitus C. I am pretty devastated about
this. It was last year that I know I was infected with
this virus. Long story short I saved a man...
In the middle of this I got cut and he bled on me. I
am clean of all other stuff but I can imagine that
being a young, good looking guy, it is going to be
hard to find a mate in this world that will accept me
for this problem that I have. Since I am self employed
I was wondering how much this Hep C treatment costs
and what side affects occur. I would appreciate any
insight on this you may have to offer. Looking forward
to your response,

Hi Anthony!

I'm so glad you wrote me!!! I just finished writing you this ridiculously long email in response and then realized that we are both jumping ahead of ourselves here! I have to leave work early to go see MY Doctor tonight, in fact. I am sending you the bulk of what I wrote earlier and will then follow up later this evening.

I know how devastating it can be on the day of a Dx (diagnosis)such as ours. I found out one Friday night on the LIRR, on my way home from work! I drank all weekend over it (the worst thing someone with liver disease or Hepatitis can do!) Anyway, it really took me about 3 months to come to terms with it before I could move forward and even consider the Liver Biopsy (which was necessary to determine what stage of disease I was in and how much damage, if any, had been done to my liver.)

Anthony, just keep in mind that over 5 million people now have this disease (and that's who KNOW they have it)! You are NOT a lepper and you are NOT ALONE! Don't worry about meeting women (or in your case, girls! LOL!) I'm an "O.F.D." (Old Fuddie Dud) and I still have guys...young and old, hitting on me (and these are men who are aware that I have this virus!) LOL! (Dating, however, is the last thing on my mind these days! I'm more focused on my health, my son and trying to pay the bills and enhancing the quality of our lives!)

The FIRST THING you need to do is to get yourself in touch with a good Hepatologist (Liver Specialist) who will monitor your blood work and advice you on how to proceed, at this early stage. Where do you live? If you're in New York, then you absolutely MUST see my Doctor, Dr. Melissa Palmer! If not, get back to me and I will have her recommend someone in the state you live. (I'm bringing a good friend of mine with me tonight. This friend of mine has known for many years that she's had Hep C and this is the first time she is seeing a specialist! I convinced her to go! It's important to know where you're at so you can stay on top of things! It's really important to have a good, knowledgeable Doctor Especially one that you trust and feel comfortable with and...most important - someone you LIKE! I did not like my first doctor on any level and am therefore, very grateful to now be in the care of Dr. Palmer!

Please go back to my site and read through the page on Hep. C. Read about the treatments I'm on, as well as what nutritional supplements I am taking (many of which are essential - to help with the treatment). Also, check out www.hcvanonymous.com & www.hepatitisneighborhood.com - both GREAT sites! Don't worry about the costs of the meds right now - there's a great chance you won't even have to go on them right now, especially since you believe you were only infected last year! Chances are that because you were only recently infected, there has been no damage done to your liver at all! (Pamela Anderson is in Stage 1 Hepatitis and has chosen to abstain from treatment!) Hep C. can lay dorman in a person's body for 10-20 years (sometimes 20-30 years) before it begins to attack the liver. And, the meds/treatnents are getting better and better every year. Be grateful you found out now, BEFORE any damge could be done, so that you can stay on top of it now. Don't abuse your body! Don't drink or smoke (I know that's tough for a young guy to keep away from the drink and the smoke - it was tough for an O.F.D. like me - and if you do like to party, you may need to seek out help on that level to try to abstain - there are lots of people who can help you through that - me included!) 

Try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible - don't put toxic crap into your body that will tax your liver! Also, drink lots of water and stay away from high protein diets - not good for the liver! Eat lots of complex carbs and fresh fruits and veggies! Get lots of exercise and just outright, take great care of yourself! I'm running on at the mouth and hope I make sense to you but this is one of the reasons why I'm happy I built this site - so I can help people just like you!

I don't know what this happened to you (or me) Anthony. But I do believe that everything does happen for a reason and it IS about the Joy of the Journey and Not the Destination. (I keep holding on to the idea that far worse things happen to far better people than me!) God made it possible for you to be there to save that man's life! That was meant to be. And what a difference you made in the man and his family's life!!! You're a young guy and have a lot of wonderful things in store for you in this lifetime. Keep your chin up and stay in the positive!

And do stay in touch and ask me about ANYTHING! I mean it! There are a lot of people out there who are willing and happy to help you through this. I will help you get in touch with them, if you like! 

When first getting the Dx, the acceptance is the hardest part. Once you reach the point where you have acceptance, the rest is cake! ; ) 

We'll catch up later! Again, don't think about the costs of the meds or the side affects! That is really jumping too far ahead and is something you may never even have to consider!
Peace & best!!!

Date: 2/4/2003 4:56:35 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From: "Anthony" To: [email protected] 

I am much better. You really helped me out a lot. This
is a very frustrating time for me as I started this
business 2 years ago and I am getting the kinks out of
it right now. All I needed was this to happen, but I
do have very supportive parents and a girlfreind that
has not chosen to leave me. I am pretty happy about
that. I can't say that I regret helping that man out
since I would have felt worse if I watched him burn to
death. I probably would do the same thing all over
again. I am going to see this gastroentomogist or
something like that since I cannot seem to find a good
hepatologist. If your gal in NY has someone then let
me know! I need the best since it would be my hope to
eradicate the virus from my system. I am kind of happy
that I am forced into sobriety since that has been a
long and large part of my life that has been a
problem. I smoked pot every day or every other day for
about 7 years. I also could drink anyone under the
table. All that must stop now and quite frankly I am
okay with that since my time is too precious to be
wasted on being wasted. I am kind of scared knowing
that I may be single someday and that special someone
that I meet may disqualify me for this reason. A
couple questions that I have for you are: How
expensive is this treatment for the noninsured? Is the
treatment as grueling as I read (like chemo)? What are
the chances of complete recovery if I caught this
early (I may pray for it, but I certainly wont count
on it). I really am glad you are here, you deserve the
best. If I go to Ny we should catch up and have a
glass of water or some pasta...

Your Dear/New Friend,


Hi Anthony!
I am SO HAPPY I was able to help you. I'm hoping that by virtue of my site, I will be able to help many others, as well.

First you must tell me where you are located so Dr. Palmer can hook you up with a Hepatologist (Liver Specialist). Many Hepatologists are also Gastroentrologists! 

Anthony, I want to stress right here and now that you need to back up a step and quite worrying about the meds and going on treatment! You are at a great advantage here, finding out you have the Virus, so quickly after becoming infected. In all likelihood, the possibility of going on the treatment is far off for you! And once you do need it, we will figure something out! I have been told there are Programs out there that will assist people (who don't have insurance coverage and are having difficulty paying for the meds.) 

First, let's get you to a great specialist and make sure you're in good hands! What City are you located?

As far as living a clean and sober lifestyle, it ain't all bad! I promise! *smile* My life has actually gotten better in most all aspects, since I received my Dx and started living such a lifestyle! I now have goals that I aim for and occasionally reach (and then I set new ones!) I'm living a more meaningful, spiritual lifestyle! There are many gifts I have received as a result of living clean and sober. There are so many people out there who will help you through this! (And a lot of them are crazy, funny "Whackidoo's" who will show you that life does not have to be boring, just because we are sober! It will be anything but!) Stay close! We can go more into that later but let's first get you to a good Doc! 
YOUR new friend,
P.S. I have posted our correspondence on my site, in the hopes that it may help others. I have changed your name and the details of your scenario. If you'd rather I don't post the emails, let me know and I'll take them down!

I'm thankful to hear you have such loving family and friends! Again, stay close! You don't need to go through this alone! 

In a message dated 2/4/2003 8:09:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Subj: Hi Robin!
Date: 2/4/2003 8:09:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
My name is Jacob and I would like to take a second to say hi. I have read  your story at cyberbeggar.com and truly feel bad about your situation, but I feel you are dealing with it soo well.

I apologize for all the people that send you mean emails. There is nothing  wrong with receiving a gift from someone who is more financially capable and  this is why I wanted to take the time to send you a link to my website: 

Basicly, I seek out people in need for xtra cash and invite them to my website to show them that it doesn't have to be that way. Too many times we are bombarded with offers to get involved with companies that don't produce fruit, and then our hope becomes somewhat shattered.

I want to take this feeling away from people, especially people who are sincerely in some crisis or another. I feel that my website answers that question for so many people and will continue to be a light for so many in  need. Give me a chance to show you how to honestly turn $20 into $2,000 every 2 weeks! No hype, just the truth.

At this point I will let you review my site: Http://www.MyGoldGifts.com and await your reply. I hope that I've been some kind of help to you.

Hope things get better,

Response from Robin: As the saying goes..."If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" A few months back, against my better judgment, I invested $10 in a get rich quick scenario and it proved to be a scam, trying to convince others to buy mailing lists and "free-advertising" lists for $10. (The lists ended up being bogus!) I am sincerely hoping to better my quality of life and help myself out of my situation as best I can, but not at the point of scamming or cheating others!

I looked at your site and it seems that the only opportunity here is for YOU! If you were sincere in your offer to "help" me and truly had compassion in your heart, you would offer me this wonderful "opportunity" free of charge and not try to bilk me out of the $20, I don't have! And then, of course, I would list your site on my Robin Thanks You page! 

B.t.w...You are not alone - there have been others out there, just like you, who have written to me with offers for me to buy their "wonder drugs" or invest in such amazing business "opportunities," etc...It's sad to see how many people are willing to "kick someone when they're down" so to speak!  BUT, on a positive note, I do believe for as many people as there are, like you out there, there are an equal amount of people who are truly willing to help and lend a hand or encouraging word! Thank God for them!


In a message dated 2/4/2003 8:40:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

> you got balls, whoever you are who put this site together. 
> props & kudos.

Response from Robin: So, what exactly are you saying? You like? Yes or no? As far as having "balls,"...sometimes it takes a life-threatening illness to light a spark under our butts (or what have you) to get us up and moving and living our lives the way that we God intended for us to live them...

"Props & kudos"???



The following e-mail and donation came from a man in Milano, Italy!

Subj: Notification of Payment Received 
Date: 2/7/03 12:43:20 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Obviously I have no means to verify that your story is true but it touched something in my soul.
I've heard just yesterday (after a RNA test) that my mother is (thanks God) not affected by hep-c.
It's difficult to imagine how do you feel facing that damned virus but I just want to tell you that we're really not alone. It's simple, just help each other.
Keep up your fight Robin !


Dear Stefano,

Thank you so much for your donation (and from Milan, no less!). I sure did need a lift today! I'm so glad your Mom tested negative. Are you are someone you know affected by this virus? I did have my son tested when I was first Dx'd and thank God his results were also negative! That put everything else in life in perspective!
I'm very upfront and honest about my situation - everything you read about me is true! As far as the validity of my story, somebody would have to but nuts (or really bored) to put all this time and energy into making this stuff up! LOL!
My skin and hair are reacting in an adverse way to the treatment and that is really getting to me. It's one thing to feel crappy but when you look in the mirror and don't recognize the person looking back, sometimes it's hard to stay in the positive. My Doctor says it's only one year out of my life to try to add many years on...let's hope so! (A friend of mine who's been on the treatment told me that this is a crucial and most difficult time! I'm on week 18, I think, which means I have 30 weeks to go. I hope it doesn't get worse before it gets better.)
As for your donation, it is very much needed and appreciated. At this point in time, no money can go towards publishing my book as I'm still behind in my bills, payments for my meds and the nutritional supplements I must take to try to counter the affects of the meds, etc. 
I've been to Italy in the past (in better days, of course). I loved it there! If you ever visit New York, give me a shout!
The very best to you and your Mother!


Here is an excerpt from a gentleman who's written me (and I continue to correspond with).  He requested that his writings to me remain anonymous but I couldn't help but post this small excerpt from his most recent e-mail to me on his comments about my www.cyberdatingguru.com site and book:

Hi Robin! ..."I have taken advantage of some slack time to read a little of your output - some funny and well written stuff, I think! The sample chapter and love-letters received stuff was pretty hilarious...When I was on the Internet dating market back last century (' 99) , there was nobody to advise that I recall. I inadvertently stumbled onto "Love on AOL", and learned a little about cyber dating, the hard way..."

NOTE FROM ROBIN:  I'm glad to know that I'M not the ONLY one who thinks my writings are "hilarious!"  : )

Subj: Robin 
Date: 2/16/03 8:14:58 AM Eastern Standard Time 
From: [email protected] 

Well it never ceases to amaze me what people will do for money.I would be 
more than happy to help you.
All I ask is that you send me your doctors records and your 
finincial statements to show your medical problems and your tales of woe.


RESPONSE FROM ROBIN:  Why don't you just call my Doctor myself! I'd call her and tell HER to call you but my phone was DISCONNECTED on Thursday!!!
However thanks much for your kindness and compassion. I'm sure it will come back to you Ten-Fold!
P.S. Did you read my Hep C page and my Journal! Do you HONESTLY THINK I would spend 100's of hours writing ALL that just to SCAM PEOPLE! Pllllllleeease!

In a message dated 2/16/03 11:15:16 AM Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

Your phone was disconnected......but you have a computer??....that makes alot of sense.Oh!!......you do this from a friends house!!....or no wait.....you do this from the library!!....oh....wait......your fortunate to have esp and this message somewhat mysteriously appeared in my email box!! Get real........another person looking to get something for nothing. Why don't you stand at the corner with a sign that says " will work for food"

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN:  Were YOU ALWAYS SUCH A COLD-HEARTED LOSER!  Don't you have ANYTHING BETTER to do with your time or your life!!!  Did you actually even READ my website!  YES, I have a COMPUTER AND a CAR and guess what???  I even have a TV w/CABLE!!!!   I have ALWAYS SUPPORTED MYSELF and MY SON and have FREQUENTLY WORKED 2 JOBS (Recently, before getting sick, having become certified as a Personal Trainer to generate extra income!)  I am now SICK and DO face the chance of death due to liver failure!  I wasn't ALWAYS THAT WAY!  This has just happened to me within a very recent period of time!  Do you think I had no life prior to this?  Much to the contrary!  AND...I continue to try to live one as fully as I can!  I now spend many days and hours in bed (Although I STILL work 2 jobs AND have written a book, which I'm trying to sell to create some income!)  

My family (and a few friends) help me as much as possible.  I am not expecting the world to support me!  I need to be on treatment (CHEMO) for the next 6 months!  I am reaching out to others who are possibly in much more fortunate situations than myself.  If they can help - that's GREAT - if they can't God Bless them anyway - and I hope they enjoy my site and get some help or inspiration from some of the material I have written!

I have received WONDERFUL, encouraging Emails from many people!  You are one of the very FEW LOSERS who has written me such a horrible, disheartening Email!  I truly hope that you or anyone in your family NEVER gets sick!


P.S.  After 9/11 my friends and I worked very hard making little, beaded American Flag pins (Over 5,000 of them in fact) - and donated over $50,000 the various funds, i.e. Twin Towers Funds, etc. AND about $5,000 to one woman in particular, from my home town, who lost or husband a few months before her baby was due.  Besides that one woman, I didn't know any of the people who I donated the remaining $45,000 to!  But believe it or not, some people want and like to help others (if they are able to) just from the goodness of their hearts.  I, unlike yourself, am not a BITTER, COLD person and trust in people and have faith in mankind!  I have also donated (in better times) to The Disabled Veterans Association, for many years!  YOU would be advised, perhaps, to put all your NEGATIVE, mean-spirited energies into more positive and helpful ways.  What goes around, comes around!  I feel very sorry for you!!!

P.S. "Crank"???
Better off known as "CRANKY," I suppose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE TO MY CYBER-BEGGAR FOLLOWERS FROM ROBIN:  It's true - I do have cable TV (as most people know - you can't get reception without it) AND a car (try living in Long Island or even getting back and forth to work WITHOUT ONE!)  However, the cable does get disconnected frequently and I often have to scrounge for quarters and loose change for gas!

As far as the TV goes, I was NEVER a person to watch TV before!  EVER!  (Other than the HBO Specials, ala The Sopranos and Sex in the City, etc!)  I was a very active and social person!  If I found myself sitting on my couch for 5 minutes at a time - it was always like..."WOW!  I'm sitting on my couch!"  These days, the television is my ONE MAJOR SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT!  If people begrudge me this, than so be it!

Many people become severely depressed & suicidal on the treatment and Meds I am taking (and sometimes I can understand WHY!)   I do spend many hours in bed, often entire weekends (and then some!)  And NOT, because I am "lazy!" 

My phone IS disconnected but I am fortunate to currently have use of a company cell phone.   I am consistently borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul!  I do owe many of my family members (and friends, including my boss) money!  I have collection agencies calling me constantly (which in a way is a blessing that my phone is disconnected) and my Electric was almost turned off last week until my mom came through with some money.  

I am certainly hoping to not ALWAYS be in this situation - it is EXTREMELY disheartening and stressful and adds to the burden of my physical condition!  And yet, I ALWAYS continue to try, on my own, to make my life (and Barney's) a better one by commuting daily to the city, working 2 nites a week and Saturdays trying to sell mortgages AND continuously working on my book (and sites) trying to get it published and sold, etc....

I AM struggling deeply, financially AND physically and sometimes I don't know if I'm going to come up for air.  It IS very overwhelming!  

I have always been open and honest on my site and will continue to do so!  I don't demand that people help me - I just put my current "situation" out there and if people choose to help, in any way possible (whether it be a few dollars here and there, website or book publishing tips, or just kind words of encouragement), I AM TRULY GRATEFUL!  I also hope (and know) that I have helped OTHERS by posting this site!

In a message dated 2/16/03 6:37:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:
Anthony from Austin here. I was reading a little more of your site. You sure did shut up Crank pretty fast. Don't get down about it. It is kind of like "sales for the soul" Sometimes, not often, you get an asshole that says something mean. There is a great book out there that everyone should read called "The Four Agreements" When you get a chance and a dime, buy the book.
I just wanted to say hello again and let you know that even though I do not have too much cash, if I did, I would rescue you like no other. Take care
for now and later...

RESPONSE FROM ROBIN!  Thank you SO MUCH Anthony! I needed that! I'm gonna post your Email but change your name; hope that's OK! These kind of emails actually mean more to me, believe it or not than the money! (The money is always nice but my spirit, which is usually very up, can use some serious boosting, while being on these meds!)

Thank you and God Bless you!

P.S. I don't buy books anymore - I'm the LIBRARY'S BEST CUSTOMER these days!!! : ) I will call tomorrow and see if it's in stock - otherwise they order the books for me! 

(Another e-mail from "Anthony") In a message dated 2/16/03 6:50:28 XXXX:

Hey Robin,

I am going to a Hepatologist at the Liver Institute in Houston. One of the best. I will have to start meds too. Pegasys/orPegatrol and Ribavin. Sounds pretty tough. But we can both make it...Stay close and remember the bad thing is not permanent. See you there!

Response from Robin: You never told me what city you were from! What's the Hepatologist's name, so I can run it by my Doc and see if she knows of him! Remember, you may not even have to start treatment and new, less invasive meds are coming out all the time - especially the more the public is made aware of this virus! It will get the Medical Community off their asses to find more effective, less invasive meds!
What about the partying? You layin' low? That's ESSENTIAL!!! I know it's hard but get your ass to some support meetings! I know...I love too Party too but this is our lives we're talkin' about (I still have drinking dreams! LOL!)
: )

The following E-Mails were received after my News 12 Interview aired (all day) on Tuesday, February 25th 

In a message dated 2/25/03 9:37:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

You are a disgrace to humanity.

Response from Robin:
And YOU are a VERY COMPASSIONATE PERSON! I truly hope you or nobody in your family EVER gets sick!!!!

In a message dated 2/26/2003 3:33:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

 As a matter of fact I am a physician, who is VERY 
 compassionate. What I abhor is beggers. Be well!

Response from Robin:

And evidently, you spent ZERO time reading my site or ANYTHING ABOUT ME! For, if you did, you might note that I have ALWAYS worked (since the age of 13) and often at TWO JOBS! Besides that, I am STILL doing EVERYTHING I CAN to try to better our lives (mine and Barney's) on my own!!! 

I have received so many wonderful, uplifting, supporting E-mails from TRULY kind-hearted AND compassionate people. People have helped me in so many ways - and actually the majority of them have helped me very little financially. They have, however helped me by giving much needed emotional support and help in various other ways such as tips for my website, my E-Book, finding a publisher/agent, etc.

I feel SO sorry for your patients - I wonder how many of THEM you "abhor!" You are a judgmental, righteous_____.........NEED I GO ON - I think you can read between the lines!

Peace and BEST!!!

P.S.  I'd like to add that of ALL the wonderful E-Mails I've received, YOUR'S is one of maybe TWO that was horrifically negative, discouraging AND judgmental (actually, YOUR'S was THE WORST!!)  And YOU'RE a DOCTOR!!! *shaking head in disbelief!* So sad.....Nice "Bedside Manner!"


In a message dated 2/26/03 7:09:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

get a job!

Response from Robin: YOU REALLY ARE A VERY SORRY, PATHETIC MAN! If you ever BOTHERED to READ my website you would note that I HAVE 2 JOBS and I work at my computer writing a book, building a website and marketing the 2 of them every second of every minute of every day when I'm not injecting myself with medications or being a Mother to my son (AND, when I'm not answering LOSERS like you!)!!!!! Read my site you pathetic excuse for a human being!


P.S. And if you DID bother to read thru my site instead of judging me from a 10 second TV interview, you would ALSO notice that after 9/11 I donated over $25,000 to various funds by making little beaded American Flag Pins!!! Would you like to see the checks! I'll be HAPPY to post them on my site! Don't BOTHER to write me again. And yes, I AM posting our correspondence on my site!

NOTE FROM ROBIN:  I know, I know...I let this man get to me (and I shouldn't have)!   From the get-go, I could tell from this so-called, "Physician's" (YEAH, RIGHT!) initial e-mail that he never even LOOKED at my site.   He saw me on the news and without doing any research or taking the time to read  "My Story" he immediately judged me and sent a hateful message.  With each further correspondence, I became angrier! (My initial reaction was a vindictive one; I initially posted this man's actual e-mail address on my site but it's against my nature to spiteful, so I have since deleted it!)  I must remember to BREATH........"Out with the negative; in with the positive!"  And again......."Out with the negative; in with the positive!".....

: )

Subj: Re: Your website 
Date: 2/26/2003 8:46:05 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From: Cyberdatingguru 
To: [email protected] 

In a message dated 2/26/03 7:09:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

get a job!

RESPONSE (AGAIN) FROM ROBIN:  YOU REALLY ARE A VERY SORRY, PATHETIC MAN!  If you ever actually BOTHERED to READ my website you would note that I HAVE 2 JOBS and I work at my computer writing a book, building a website and marketing the 2 of them every second of every minute of every day when I'm not injecting myself with medications or being a Mother to my son (AND, when I'm not answering LOSERS like you!)!!!!! Read my site you pathetic excuse for a human being!


P.S. And if you DID bother to read thru my site instead of judging me from a 10 second TV interview, you would ALSO notice that after 9/11 I donated over $25,000 to various funds by making little beaded American Flag Pins!!! Would you like to see the checks! I'll be HAPPY to post them on my site! Don't BOTHER to write me again. And yes, I AM posting our correspondence on my site! 

The name and incidentals of the following email were changed for anonymity:

Subj: Need money 
Date: 2/26/2003 7:42:26 AM Eastern Standard Time 
From: XXXX
To: Cyberdatingguru 


My name is David and I am 36 years old , married with two children. I saw your story on TV if you need money send me pics of yourself to this e-mail and a contact # and I will help. My number at work is __________, I own an home improvement company. 

Date: 2/26/2003 7:45:02 AM Eastern Standard Time 

Response from Robin:

2nd Response from Robin:Well....this one was MY fault...I was STUPID enuf to send the Pics, in the first place!  It must have been the "brain fog" from the meds not to have seen thru THAT ONE!

Subj: Notification of Payment Received 
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:45:10 -0800 

This email confirms that you have received a Payment
for $1.63 from JOHN DOE ([email protected])

Payment Details:
Amount: $1.63
Currency: U.S. Dollars

Quantity: 1
Item/Product Name: Robin

Buyer: JOHN DOE 

Date: 2/26/2003 1:06:46 AM Eastern Standard Time 

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind contribution and thoughts!
Best and Peace!

Date: 2/28/2003 9:53:47 AM Eastern Standard Time 
From: XXX To: Cyberdatingguru 


Response from Robin: 


I guess you don't take REJECTION very well, now, do you? LOL!

HEY, I'm the first to admit it! I'm a "Serial Dater!" Did you ever consider that I ENJOY raising my son alone! And I state clearly in my ad I am "relationship challenged"! 

What happened? We had a little drive-by and I had no interest in pursuing further? You say you "Dated Me?" "Drive-By's" are by NO MEANS to be considered "DATES!" 

You need to cheer up a bit and dump that negativity! (Well, actually I guess YOU DID just "dump" it on ME! LOL!) But remember...negative breeds negative and positive breeds positive! Women pick up on this stuff you know!

Keep trying...I'm sure there's SOMEBODY out there for you!
: )

Note from Robin:  Anybody who knows me also knows that I am CLEARLY NOT about the money!  I have had ample opportunities while dating, where wealthy and accomplished men wanted to "hook-up" permanently  AND support me and Barney.  I really "liked" these men enuf but didn't have the "bells & whistles" going off!  I have NEVER been able to sell out for the $$$;  I have ALWAYS held out for the passion!  (Unfortunately, the times I actually do FEEL the passion are few and FAR) BETWEEN! 

There have also been times in my life where I have actually helped to support a man or two!  Been there, done it and NO THANK YOU!

In a message dated 3/10/2003 9:20:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, XXXX writes:

You really have to be kidding me. My husband and me found out 6 years ago that we both have Hep C. We have taking care of our family ourselves it is a struggle but we do it. At time I am very sick but I work. I do what I have to. There is no reason that you can't either. But to have a site to ask for hand out is unheard of. I think you are just lazy and want people to take care of you. Get a job! What you need to do is go on some of the Hep C forums on the Delphi forums site and see what Hep C is like for others. It's not easy for any of us, but you don't see us begging for money. 


Response from Robin:

Dear Jubie,

I usually only get wonderful, kind & supporting emails from people. The only time I get emails like the one you just sent me is when the people took absolutely NO TIME OR EFFORT to just read even a little bit about me and the endless efforts I put forth 24/7 on a daily basis (and then some!) If you did bother to read up a bit on me, rather than to so HARSHLY JUDGE me, you would note that I DO WORK 2 JOBS, beside raising a son on MY OWN (thankfully YOU have YOUR HUSBAND to help you) besides having written a book (since being Dx'd) and all of the work involved now with the marketing and publishing aspects of the book! I try to change our lives for the better every day and in every way! I have also donated many times over (more than you could ever imagine or think of doing) to others in their times of need! I do believe in the concept of "Paying it forward" and doing unto others!

With that said, I will end by stating that I feel sorry for you! Being as narrow-minded, judgmental and critical of others as you are cannot possibly be an easy or pleasant way to live! I can think of a million better ways for you to spend your time, rather than spewing such negative energy into an email and sending it to a person you don't know and know nothing about!

Very sad.....

P.S.  I can only imagine what kind of letter you would write to www.savekaryn.com or Penny at  www.helpmeleavemyhusband.com OR, BETTER YET....the girl at www.giveboobs.com !  Wow, I better warn them  in advance about the "wrath of Jubie!"



 "Dance like no one is watching... Love like you've never been hurt... Sing like no one is listening... and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!"