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Press Page

www.sexysinglestrugglingmomneedsyou.com & www.cyberdatingguru.com has appeared in (and on) the following Magazine, TV and Radio shows.


NOVEMBER 9, 2002 - An article appeared in Time Magazine - see page 29 - "Panhandling.com" - by Harriet Barovick.  (I am now an Official "Cyber-Beggar!"  -- Ms. Barovick asked me if I was embarrassed about the concept of Cyber-Begging on the Internet?  I said, "I believe in the concept of Paying It Forward" - which she made reference to in the article!)  


DECEMBER 13, 2002 - TV Interview on Northwest Afternoons -  This show is a live, daily talk show (3-4pm Seattle time) with "a format similar to Oprah's".   (The Producer indicated they are the longest running talk show on the air - for over 18 years now!)


DECEMBER 19, 2002 - The Drew & Mike Show (taped) radio interview - WIRF Talk Radio in Detroit.


JANUARY 2, 2003 - The Ron & Don morning show (live) - KBQZ ("Outrageous Talk Radio") in Seattle.


JANUARY 25, 2003 - News 12 Interview (ran every hour on the hour for 24 hours!) 





 "Dance like no one is watching... Love like you've never been hurt... Sing like no one is listening... and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!"