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Robin's Online Dating Tips & Links

Here are some excerpts and extremely useful tips from my soon-to-be published book....If you want or need more, you'll have to stay tuned for my book.....

The Cyber-Dating Guru's Guide to Online Dating www.cyberdatingguru.com

It will be extremely useful for those of you who are looking to meet a mate (or just date) via the internet.  It is also HILARIOUS!!!  Trust me!  (My mother thinks it's "Terrific" and she's a tough critic!). And check best Pheonix personals I've written some reviews for.


*The C.D.G. is Currently seeking a Publisher - please contact her at:  



In order to date online, it's necessary to know the appropriate and customary...

"Online dating lingo" 

LOL = Laugh out loud

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

LMAO = Laughing my ass off

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my ass off!

K =    O.K.

CU = See you

L8R = Later

CUL8R = See you later (duh!)

: ) = "smile"

: ( = "sad"

; ) = "wink"

: 0 = "astonished" or "wow"

<g> = "grin"

Check out this great website for lots more fun, online lingo! http://www.thirdage.com/features/tech/netglos/  


Online Dating Websites:

*For a more complete listing of some GREAT Online Dating websites, please visit www.cyberdatingguru.com. 

Here are a just a few to check out now:



Here are a few of my very original and useful Online  Dating "Commandments".....


Thou shalt never, and I mean never, do dinner on a first date (which I call, “a first encounter"!)   I prefer to do (what I refer to as) "Drive-bys"!!!  Get in and GET OUT!!!  After all, doesn’t it just boil down to the chemistry in the end?  (And... do you really need a free dinner all that bad?)


After the initial e-mail contacts, do not chat endlessly on line!  If there's an interest (on both parts)  to pursue further, move on to exchanging  telephone numbers to see if you're "telephonically compatible". You're not looking for a "pen-pal" here, now are you?


Thou shall not speak endlessly, for hours on the phone - get to setting up that "drive-by!"  What's the point of wasting all that precious time chatting away on the phone (and online) only to realize the moment you meet this person, that you hope with all your heart (and every cell in your being) that you never see this person again!!!  (Finger's xxx'd this will not be the case and.....You will ride off happily into the sunset together!) 

NOTE: Please write The Cyber-Dating Guru for FREE Online  Dating advice at www.cyberdatingguru.com and check back to see if your question gets posted on her site...




 "Dance like no one is watching... Love like you've never been hurt... Sing like no one is listening... and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!"