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How do I donate money to Robin?  Click on the "$ Donate to Robin" link!

Is my money tax deductible? No, sorry, your one or two bucks is not tax deductible (and to those of you who can afford to be more generous, no, this is not a tax-deductible donation).  But, it is still for a very, worthwhile and rewarding cause!  Just keep thinking "Pay it forward"! 

How will my donation of a buck or two help???   Well, remember that shampoo commercial???   Think about it!......If you send a buck or two and you tell 2 people, then they'll send a buck or two and they'll tell 2 people, and so on and so on and so on....(So hurry up, please send a buck or two and go tell 2 people!!!)  : )

I'd like to send a donation but with the Holidays approaching, I'm tight on cash!  Not a problem!!!  You can shop for the Holidays, save money and help Robin.  For One-Stop Holiday Shopping, huge discounts, cash back and Ebates, check out: Super Cyber-Shopping!   Besides saving The "affiliate" merchants will give Rob0in a small referral commission, at no additional cost to you!  It's a "Win-Win" situation!!!

Can I send something other than a cash donation?  Gift certificates to GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe would be most welcome as Robin's daily vitamins & nutritional supplements are very costly.

Can I write to Robin for online dating advice and tips!
Absolutely!  Although Robin herself, is (in her own words) "relationship challenged", she is the "Professional, Pioneer and Innovator" in Cyber-Dating. She has received over 5000 responses to her ad since 1998.  Of those men, she has met over 100 of them (and even dated a few here and there!) You can write Robin at .  Robin will be posting her more "post-worthy" emails and responses on her website!

NOTE: Don't forget to check out Robin's NEW CYBER-DATING ADVICE COLUMN and excerpts from her (soon-to-be published) book at www.cyberdatingguru.com. 




 "Dance like no one is watching... Love like you've never been hurt... Sing like no one is listening... and Live like it's Heaven on Earth!"